Sugarkay – Drink On












SUGARKAY the ladies man has gone MADT again after the exclusive freestyle ft baba tuale,DJ spanishia,flipside,b’stone,vanpee,madmarcel and da song on the track “FEELING U TOO” this time he is up with this DOPE super awesome new single DRINK ON(m’made) produced by chinchilla and perfectly mixed by benjamz!!
OUR NUMBER 1 SHARPBOI (literally) has given us what to go crazy for over this SEASON everytime it comes on..
The response in the CLUBS here in Nigeria is massive, even as far away Atlanta, Ethiopians, London girls&dudes, Ghanaians, and all other African countries..
In Coal City Enugu (a nightclub) went crazy when DRINK ON(m’made) came on with a well deserved intro by xtacy.. Sugarkay of DRTmusicGANG reping maxibeats records


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