Jahdiel – Obulu Jesu












Jahdiel is no doubt a household name in the music industry..with albums like heritage,underoath and singles like ‘my head’ and shakara produced by kelly lyon dominating the airwaves,the Diva comes out with yet another hit single “Obulu Jesu’ produced by Xcel which in her native dialect means thank you Jesus. On this song Jahdiel gets u dancing in heavy beats with a fantastic melody and when she brings in her pop-like uniquely seasoNed voice dats so peculiar to her,it gets u feeling like ure in heaven. Jahdiel has been on tours in   Asia,america,europe and several parts of africa disseminating the gospel of our Lord Jesus. She is uniquely talented and will keep bringing it on. Thumbs up to Jahdiel..we celebrate you.


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