E-Gnyte – Find You










Hot off the release of his runaway Hit Song “Red Card” ft. Terry G, E-Gnyte dropped another Power Bomb single titled “FIND YOU” produced by the renowned world famous producer Akeem D Beats. E-Gnyte takes us on a musical journey into his world with this beautifully created very touching and very personal love song. E-Gnytetells about his quest to find his true love as well as the obstacles he faced from the girls family because he had no money at the time. “FIND YOU” is a song that we can all relate with either through personal experience or that of someone we know. 

Not only has E-Gnyte proved himself as an exceptional artist, he has also exhibited his talent as a great songwriter and a story teller.


Artists that E-Gnyte has collaborated with include Terry G, ReminisceJ. Martins, Joe_El, Samclef, LKT, Side One, M-Kaze, Blackout JA (UK)

[audio http://maxibeats.com/media/mp3/E-Gnyte-Find-YouMaxibeats.com.mp3]



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