Naz B ft Mr Raw Nwanne – Ilo

Naz B

Naz B










Shortly after the release of his second studio album “Out from Da Jungle”, Nigerian born singer/ song-writer/Rapper and performing artiste, Naz B, is back with a new single titled “Ilo”.

“Ilo” is an Ibo word which means “Envy”, and it is an interesting blend of Dance hall, Highlife and Rap music, in which Naz Bteams up with Eastern Nigerian rapper, Mr Raw (formerly known as Nigga Raw).
As Naz B laces his vocals over melodious and bouncy high-life instruments, singing about envy/grudge/hatred among friends and loved ones in his igbo dialect, Mr Raw complements the subject with a witty and exciting rap verse; with both artistes yearning for Peace, Love and Unity.
“Ilo” serves as Naz B’s first single to break into the Nigerian mainstream market, having lived in Zurich, Switzerland for a long period of time honing his musical skills.
Naz has decided and is determined to explore the Nigerian Music Industry, thereby showcasing his array of musical talents developed through years of hard-work, discipline and dedication.

DJ Humility’s H-Records has partnership agreement with Naz B.


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