Samuel Dixon – God No Dey Camouflage

Samuel Dixon

Samuel Dixon










This music has been causing ripples in Port Harcourt and every time we watched him perform it, we noticed how infectiously it stuck to people’s heads and had them humming along to the chorus even days after the music stopped.

Samuel Dixon chose to release this song on June 12 because he wants to make people aware of the political anomaly that derided M.K.O Abiola’s Presidential win and the ‘wayo’ and Ójoro’ that plagued it.

With this music, he assures us that ‘God no dey Camouflage…Him no dey Wayo…Him no dey play ojoro oooo’. He goes on to let us know that he has ‘…never seen the righteous forsaken…hold on to God, He will not lie’.

We advise that you keep this music on repeat and allow it play for five times before you stop it. You sure will be blessed as you listen intently to it and ponder on the lyrics.


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