Tee Jek – Igboro

Tee Jek

Tee Jek










Teejek is one of the leading

upcoming artistes of the generation that emerged in the streets of Lagos, via the wake of the
influence of many artistes.Teejek studied with Jay chords, babs , super
nath and other producer in the studio class in the late 2000s.
refining his own concept that emerged through is focus on  music
.started writing songs working along fellow upcoming artiste like him.
His new single titled IGBORO (STREET) in 2013,the hit
single title IGBORO (STREET) is a typical example of what TeeJek is capable of.
He is currently signed to AKINKANJU ENTERTAINTERMENT (AUE).
Teejek is also working on his project with various artistes on it coming out
soon .TEEJEK is also known as S>T>B    meaning
SWAG TO BAD follow on twitter @teejeky facebook.com/teejek
[audio http://maxibeats.com/files/101964/igboro-maxibeats-com.mp3]


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