BDM – E Don Tey












S.A.A(P) and ERICSIN who are  popularly known world wide as (The
B.D.M) are both Song’s writer’s and Performing Artist born and brought
up in Nigeria. S.A.A(P) is actually a Native of Idoma Land who was
born in the year 10th of March 1990 at Otukpo town in Benue state of
Nigeria, but grew up in Lagos state., why ERICSIN is a Native of Isoko
Land who was born at the year 17th of October 1991 in Ole town Delta
state of Nigeria. S.A.A(P) is a member of The Centre of Discipline and
Peace Initiative (C.D.P.I), The Discipline Corp’s why ERICSIN
specialize on Welding Engineering by Profession., They both met in
Lagos State at the year 2008, and that was when they started their


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