Qui ft Dupree – Sexy Diva (Prod. By Kezyklef) |@Queenequi|












Real Name Ekwutosi Daniella Alintah, Born 12th August in Westminster Uk. Half Nigerian half Camerounian. Raised in cameroun until she was 6. Came back to Nigeria to finish her primary education and attended 1 year secondary education before leaving for scotland. Lost her Dad  days before her birthday in 1999, this kick started her career.
She started making beats with garage band on apple mac and wrote songs on it,while still studying.By this time she was back in london where she completed a 4 year course on media production.
Worked with Anex band member from Solek Crew in London. He was producing.
It lasted awhile cos the producer found God and couldnt handle all the swear words.
She worked with another Group before finally coming back to Nigeria in 2008.
Worked with lots of artists between then and now. Took a timeout in 2011 to have a kid and be a mum. Re started her career 3 months ago with her mixtape which is still in production.
p.s :She featured on some popular music videos like the D’banj girl in Tongolo and Sauckid & Teeto Ceemos
[audio http://maxibeats.com/files/108213/qui-ft-dupree-sexy-diva-prod-by-kezyklef.mp3]



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