Young Paperboyz ft Sutflute and Slim Burna – Bad Girl |@Youngpaperboyz @Sutflute @Slimburna1|

bad girl

Young Paperboyz










Young Paperboyz released their higly-anticipated “Naija Boss Techno
Reloaded” on September 30, 2013. The 10-track album displayed more
creativity and ingenuity from the duo than any of their previous works
whilst featuring guest appearances from Slim Burna, Sutflute, Maxim
Novitskiy, Maryana Poltorak and DJ Nikita Noskow. The album’s
influences are basically derived from hip hop and techno, but it also
incorporates genres such as house, r&b, electronic and pop. One of the
special tracks from “Naija Boss Techno Reloaded” is a song titled Bad
Girl, which featured guest vocals from Port Harcourt-based singer Slim
Burna, and Sutflute who also helmed the production.

Mayor and Della first tweeted about recording a song with Slim Burna
back in August, and now fans can finally feast their ears on that
massive-hit collaboration as the duo have decided to let it go for
free public consumption. Listen, download and share your thoughts.


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