Timeout: Attention Anambra Youths |Episode 1|

This is the first non-entertainment post on this blog, it addresses the issue of the forth coming Anambra State elections slated for November 16, 2013. Im not a politician so i dont intend to sweet talk you into anything. My Plan is to speak freely and fairly like a plain anambra citizen just like you.

If you have been to anambra recently you will notice that it is in a very bad shape physically compared to its closest neighbour Enugu who’s citizens can brag of traffic & Street lights, Good Roads,City Center Multi Purpose Mall,Highly Improved security System and lots more. Now I ask myself, are the budgets for these 2 states different or was Anambra states budget cut off entirely because if my eyes are not deceiving me im not seeing any street or traffic light, roads are bad all through, you and i know the security situation in anambra and most importantly Nothing for the youths.

The governor ruled for 8 years and yet anambra state cannot brag about anything. Before you criticize me you can google it and see for yourself.

First question: Is it wise to vote for the candidate provided by this party and the governor?

Note: Under this Administration

– No Local Government elections

– No minimum Wage Payment (Some of our parents,friends and siblings are affected)

– Absolutely no employment for the youths.

Creating jobs can be a tall task for any government we understand that fact but when no attempt is made then it becomes a problem. The youths are the foundation of any growing government you cannot change or develop it without the coordinating and engaging the youths accordingly. if the elected and appointed officials cannot come up with anything try looking at  your neighbour ”Enugu” who simply adopted Entertainment and gave it life, enough to feed lots of youths whom by recent study we have realised are in the entertainment field, mostly triggered by the ongoing ASUU strike. Even though its troubling that youths are off school but they are not idle or engaged in crimes. Similar feats were also adopted by Rivers State, Cross River, Imo State and Bayelsa State which resulted in a significant decrease in crime rate.

Second Question: What should be taken more serious than the youths?

Im watching the candidates in other parties contesting in this election closely. Dr Chris Ngige of the APC and Dr Ifeanyi Ubah of LP. Dr Ifeanyi Ubah himself popped up on twitter this evening to answer the youths.

Made out time in his very busy schedule to give us attention. Thats a Positive move. Our mission is to draw full attention to the candidate who will give the youths attention. In contention are Dr Chris Ngige and Dr Ifeanyi Ubah (Whom, of course is not related to Andy Uba)

Youths of Anambra follow this article closely for the next 2 weeks we will keep you updated on the Anambra Youth Movement.


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