Timeout: Anambra State Elections Update Episode 1

Anambra State Elections

Anambra State Elections

So Its 12 days to the Anambra state governorship elections and alot has happened, from the debate to the stampede. There has been mixed feelings and reactions from various relevant camps. Ill bring you up to speed on whats up.

Ill start with the debate which featured the likes of Dr Ifeanyi Ubah of Labour Party, Chris Ngige of APC and Willie Obiano Of Apga. It was a very heated debate, the answers of each candidate made reference to the others flaws. The most interesting part was when the governorship candidate of APGA, Willie Obiano was caught with prepared text during the Governorship Debate which the organisers forbade participants from reading from prepared text.

Labour Party Rrepresentative,Dr. Ifeanyi Ubah had at the beginning of the debate expressed apprehension that some of his colleagues had prepared text, but the organisers overruled him, but at the tail end of the exercise, Ubah scooped out sheaves of papers from the podium of Obiano and waved it to the audience which roared in laughter.

Obiano was caught with a surprised look on his face.

They accuse some candidates of not having sufficient educational qualifications yet the ones that are qualified cheat in public

Do we vote for an advanced degree holder that is deceptive and a cheat or someone with the basic qualifications that is disciplined and straight forward? Who de we want as governor? Decide Wisely 

Watch Below

Theres this situation that also occured at the adoration ground, Uke, where fro some reason there was a stampede which was said to have claimed 30 lives. There were other people who said that the stampede occured for a fact but didnt claim any life as those who were said to be dead were merely unconscious and after being taken to the hospital regained consciousness. There has not been any official press release validating any of these claims but we know one thing for sure,both claims acknowledged that at some point Peter Obi was in the premises and we may assume that his presence must have stirred up a certain commotion. Does this tell us that the Anambra people have something against Peter Obi?

Adoration Ground

Adoration Ground



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