7 Things you should know about signing a record deal

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Record Label

























With the recent record label drama surrounding BrymO (the court injunction on him has been lifted), Skales and Vector, it seems that artistes think that signing a record deal is child’s play. Below are 7 pointers for artistes in record labels, and upcoming acts looking for a deal, to go through before signing the dotted line.

1. A record contract is a legal binding document. An artiste can’t walk out of a contract because he feels like it. There will be repercussions for breach of contract.

2.There is no perfect record label. It doesn’t exist. Record labels are made up of people, and mistakes will always be made. You just have to make the best out of any given situation.

3.A record label is created to run as a business, and make profit. Irrespective of how talented you are, if your music isn’t selling or making profit, you will be kicked out. It’s a business not a charity.

4.Don’t stop hustling. Some artistes become so relaxed when they get signed to a label. That’s the wrong approach. Record labels have many artistes to work on with limited resources. It’s only artistes who show they are willing to go the extra mile that will be noticed. Record labels don’t like lazy artistes.

5.Business is business. Don’t take anything personal. Leave your emotions before you walk through the door. The record business is a cutthroat business.

6.Nobody owes you anything. It doesn’t make sense to demand for a house and car when you haven’t brought a dime to the label. You only get treated based on what you have brought to the label. Nobody pays for potential. Record labels only reward success.

7.Only sign a record deal with an imprint that is on the same page with you artistically and creatively. Anything short of this, will lead to conflict at the end of the day. Know why you are entering the business, and find a record label that aligns with your goals.

Source : HipHopworldMag

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