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Ekobeats frontman and star artist E-GNYTE has released his highly anticipated new single “KELEYA” (Thank Him in Ibo). As usual, E-GNYTE does not disappoint in this song as he delivers the lyrics to this song in a way only E-Gnyte can.
Keleya, produced by MVP (Music Vyruz Program – Same producer behind Keeno’s “My Mama”) is a praise/balling song which can be played in church as well as in the club.
E-Gnyte in typical E-Gnyte style glorifies and thanks the Lord fusing English, Broken-English and Ibo. The icing on the cake is the high note ad-libs delivered in French which takes the song to to a MAD crescendo towards the end. Most definitely one of E-Gnyte’s best offering so far.
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[audio http://maxibeats.com/files/147937/keleya-e-gnyte.mp3]

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