Mixtape: Bugzy Dvinci – Half Past Late |@bugzydvinci|

Bugzy Dvinci

Bugzy Dvinci










If you are a regular listener to the mainstream music from the heart of Africa you wouldn’t miss the exceptional voice and personality of Bugzy Dvinci even in the pack of a thousand mimics. The Glo rock n rule ambassador who recently rounded up his Weed & Champagne tour across Europe is back sizzling at the top of his game with a full boom. This time he has teamed up with the best new voices and production with the likes of Joe bloggs, Maxmarcel, Blaze jizi & Jesse for the Half past late mixtape which was recorded at Tee Mac Studio’s & no doubt, this is the first official mixtape from the Nightmares & Hangovers project, he is infusing our souls with his Reggae, pop, techno & hip-pop inspired tunes.
The half past late mixtape is a collection of songs he feels that wouldn’t make it to the album and wants to get them out since they have been long recorded and considered a bit late to him​

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