Video: Loose Kaynon – Halleluyah |@Loosekaynon| #Nigerianmusic

Loose Kaynon

Loose Kaynon

To avid lovers of feel-good music who heard LOOSE
KAYNON’S praiseworthy single ‘HALLELUYAH’ upon its release last
June and were envisioning images of these mystery girls that inspired
the song as it played, the wait is over.

If your math teacher had given that geometry lesson alongside a
slideshow presentation of this video, as directed by the ingenious MEX,
surely you would have paid more attention in class. Encircled in
triangles and tinged in predominantly sharp tints of purple, Loose
Kaynon cruises the hallucinogenic beat, courtesy of KID KONNECT, with
playful dexterity.

Notably starring MI, KID KONNECT, DJ
LAMBO, L37, KOKER and BUGSY, LOOPY MUSIC presents for your utter
viewing pleasure, the music video to ‘Halleluyah.’  The Illuminati
conspiracy-theories-cup shall overflow-eth on this one.


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